South Island Transportation Plan takes next step

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A study to determine long-term solutions for getting people moving more efficiently throughout south Vancouver Island is underway.

“I know people are frustrated with congestion and we want to find solutions that will get people moving,” said Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “I’m anticipating that this will lead to a comprehensive regional plan for all types of transportation.”

The South Island Transportation Plan will look to identify improvement options for transit, cycling, pedestrian movements, ferry services, rail and existing roads and the connections between them. The study area will go as far north as the Duncan area and as far west as the Sooke area. It will look at current transportation demands and develop a roadmap for future investments across all modes of travel.

Through an open bidding process, Urban Systems was selected to carry out the study. It will have one year to complete its work, which will include:

  • consolidating and updating, where required, previous transportation studies;
  • developing a “transportation snapshot” on current conditions;
  • updating, as necessary, the 2007 Malahat corridor study; and
  • identifying specific transportation investment opportunities in the south Island region, providing multi-modal choices.

The South Island Transportation Plan will also include studying the feasibility of commuter rail along the E&N corridor. This information will help shape the discussion around the future of the E&N corridor on the south Island.

The CRD Regional Transportation Plan and the Victoria Transit Future Plan were built upon extensive public engagement that will be used to inform the South Island Transportation Plan. The ministry will work with Indigenous communities, regional governmens and transportation agencies, and stakeholder groups to plan for future investments in the region.

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