MLA Report - March

It has been a busy last few months in Victoria-Beacon Hill. I’ve been meeting with various groups in the community, including the Kenyan Cultural Association of Victoria, the ProArt Alliance of Greater Victoria, the Victoria Cool Aid Society, the Community Social Planning Council, and the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness.

Statement on the 150th Anniversary of Congregation Emanu-El

Watch Carole's February 13, 2013 statement on Congregation Emanu-El.

Carole James MLA Report - February 2013

Imagine how $15 million could make life better for our community and for citizens and families in our province. Instead of wasting $15 million of public money on partisan, pre-election advertisements, the government could have invested in the services that British Columbians need.

Yet, turn on the TV and it’s hard not to see them – a new round of primetime ads touting the government’s record. Quite frankly, it’s not a record that inspires pride, and the fact that B.C. taxpayers are paying for all this propaganda makes it even harder to stomach.

November 2012 MLA Report

Imagine a city where nobody is homeless.

For the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness Society, it’s not a dream. It is a mission to end homelessness by 2018. And it’s a vision of a place where all people facing homelessness have access to safe, affordable, appropriate, permanent housing, and the support services they need.

The Coalition is one of the tremendous organizations in our community working diligently to address this serious issue. All across Canada, homelessness has increased with changes in the supply and availability of low-cost and affordable housing.

Fall 2012 MLA Report

Carole's report on her work as MLA for Victoria-Beacon Hill and as critic for Social Development. Originally aired on Shaw TV on October 13th.

MLA Report: October 2012

Long-term prosperity demands a healthy environment. Protecting the ecological integrity and sustainability of our province for our children and our children’s children, is a priority for British Columbians.

We understand the precious balance of our planet’s ecosystems, and citizens are speaking up about sustainability. They are bringing their concerns forward at places like the Joint Review Panel hearings on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. The Official Opposition is speaking up, too.

MLA Report: September 2012

The start of a new school year is a good time to reflect on the many ways that learning and the acquisition of knowledge contribute to our society. Education is a great equalizer, and our education system opens doors to opportunity. When we step through those doors, dreams are realized.

Education fosters happy, productive citizens who in turn contribute to strong, healthy communities. Our education system is a crucial part of building a robust economy that is sustainable in the long term for British Columbia, and it plays a fundamental role in the making of a more equal society.

Carole's Spring 2012 MLA Constituency Report

Watch Carole's report on the spring legislative session and her work as MLA of Victoria-Beacon Hill.
Originally aired on July 28, 2012 on Shaw TV.

MLA Report: July 2012

The spring session of the legislature closed off at the end of May with yet another example of the lack of respect this government has for democracy. The provincial government pushed through 13 bills in the last two days using time allocation, or closure. Several crucial bills got barely 30 minutes of debate, and many clauses within bills received no in-depth examination or questions. It wasn’t necessary to do this.

MLA Report: June 2012

It’s been a busy spring in Victoria-Beacon Hill. I’ve enjoyed meeting many constituents, and seeing firsthand some of the excellent work of organizations in our community.

My federal and provincial colleagues and I spent a day each at the UVic and Camosun Lansdowne campuses, speaking to students about the work of constituency offices, and how we can assist citizens to access and navigate government programs. We spoke with students about student loans, voting away from home, working and studying abroad, and tenancy and employment issues, among other topics.