Carole's Statement on the Maritime Museum of B.C.

Watch Carole's statement in the B.C. Legislature on the Maritime Museum of B.C., which has celebrated and preserved our maritime culture for more than 70 years. Its world-class collection includes thousands of artifacts, photographs, historic charts, and three of the most significant small vessels on Canada's west coast.

Carole's Statement on the Fort Street Scrub Up

Watch Carole recognize the Fort Street Scrub Up in the BC Legislature. Organized by Fabulous Fort, the Scrub Up brings together businesses, non-profits and property owners on Fort Street to clean the street and develop stronger community relationships.

Carole's Statement on Victoria's Food Eco District

Watch Carole's James statement in the British Columbia Legislature acknowledging Victoria's Food Eco District. This partnership between businesses, non-profit and community is creating urban agriculture projects that enhance food security and restaurant sustainability in our downtown core.

Carole Recognizes Victoria High Alumni's Stadium Revitalization Project

See Carole recognize the Victoria High Alumni in the British Columbia Legislative Assembly. This 15,000 member alumni association organization is taking leadership to revitalize the Victoria High Stadium. Learn how this amazing organization is collaborating with government, community and business to ensure school kids and community members have access to quality field athletic facilities.

Carole's Statement on Seedy Saturday

On February 19, 2015, Carole gave a statement in the Legislature on Seedy Saturday, an inspiring community event organized by the James Bay Market Society. For 22 years this event has cultivated knowledge about seed diversity, gardening and farming, supporting local biodiversity and food systems.

Carole's Statement on Our Place's Sponsor-a-Breakfast Program

Watch Carole make a statement in the British Columbia Legislative Assembly acknowledging the work of Our Place and their Sponsor-a-Breakfast program. Learn how this extraordinary organization is creatively partnering with businesses and community groups to ensure our most vulnerable citizens have a better start to their day.

Carole James MLA Report - February 2014

The provincial government will table its budget on February 17th, and I will be watching closely to see if it addresses any of the urgent needs in our community. Many of the pressures we're facing here in Victoria are the same ones citizens are dealing with right around the province.

November 2014 Shaw TV MLA Report

Watch Carole's latest Shaw TV MLA Report, where she talks about issues that came up during the fall legislative session, as well as work out in the community.

Carole's Statement on Threshold Housing Society and the HeroWork Radical Reno

Watch Carole's statement on the work of Threshold Housing Society and the radical reno by the HeroWork Program of a donated 4-plex for homeless youth.

Statement was made in the Legislature on October 8, 2014.

"Faces of the World" Mask Exhibit in Community Office

Drop by the community office during regular hours until November 14th to see "Faces of the World" an exhibit of masks by local artist Deb Thurlbeck. All masks are for sale by the artist , and are quite reasonably priced! Perhaps some early Christmas shopping? (please note that Carole James receives no proceeds or kickbacks from art sales)