Carole James MLA Report – June

I am so very grateful for the privilege of serving the citizens of Victoria-Beacon Hill for another term. It is a real honour to return as your MLA and represent the constituents in the community where I live, grew up, raised my kids, and now play with my grandchildren.

Congratulations to my fellow candidates for an excellent campaign and thank you to all of those who put their names forward to stand for elected office in our province. Thanks also to everybody who volunteered on a campaign, took time to participate in a forum, or shared with me their issues and concerns. Over the course of the 28 days, I knocked on thousands of doors and connected with as many residents as I could.

Many told me that they felt disengaged from the democratic systems currently in place. A healthy democracy thrives when citizens are actively involved, and I want to explore ideas and approaches to increase participation and engagement in our democratic process. I am committed to building greater trust between the public and our elected representatives at all levels.

My priorities for the next four years include working with constituents and community partners to build on our exceptional community strengths. Victoria-Beacon Hill is a place where citizens are active and engaged. We care about the environment and possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in our small and home-based businesses. We value quality public services including education and health care, and we not only support but want to strengthen our social services and not for profit sectors.

We must work together to find solutions for our challenges. Affordability, homelessness, inequality, better public transit, seniors care, protecting our environment, and supporting our vital small businesses are just some of the key issues that I will be working to address in the months ahead.

I hope you will be part of the solution, and I encourage you to share with me your ideas and your perspectives on the challenges that lay ahead. Our community will be stronger if we work together, and I am committed to building bridges and opening doors to make life better and more affordable for our citizens.

My community office has returned to regular operating hours, and my staff is available to help you with issues and concerns. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can assist you with access to government services or any questions you have about programs.

1084 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8V 3K4